we paint an experience worth hearing.

Paint & Keys is a performance group comprised of live art and live music by Miguel Chavez and Jessica La. 

They use their talents, combining live art and music, to portray a message that is important to them.

A unique performance of live painting and music executed in tandem. To create an unforgettable experience, Paint & Keys specializes in creating a memorable performance for any event and special occasion. Each performance is specifically customized to suit a theme for weddings, corporate events, and any special occasion. No two performances are ever alike.

As very passionate performers, Paint & Keys has become a creative outlet that allows for experimentation and ingenuity, and grants Miguel and Jessica the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. They learn and create more music, use more colours, express themselves through 

Our love and appreciation for the performing arts has been integral to our lives, and we believe that it is something to be shared with those around us.